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Chris grew up in the Midwest but has lived in several different cities in the United States as well as a suburb of Sydney, Australia.  Her style of painting has been influenced by the different areas she’s lived and traveled, but none more than her time spent “down under”.  Many of her recent works have more vibrant colors and simpler lines that are a direct result of the light in Australia.  “The light is different in Australia, things seem clearer, crisp, and brighter.” 

Her use of color is also a direct result of being a fan of Wayne Thiebaud. “In college I was so amazed by Thiebaud’s use of color in his shadows I changed the way I saw everything. I went from painting photo-realism to a freer more lively style.  I love the way the edges of some colors drag into another color make a fresh just painted appearance even after it is dry.”  Chris   pays a lot of attention to the shadow cast from the objects that she paints and often finds them more interesting than the objects themselves.

Moving around so much has given her an opportunity to sell work to people from all over the United States as well as Australia.  “My life has been a bit of an adventure and moving around is one way to see a lot of new and interesting places as well as meet many new friends.” 

When not showing, Chris continues to work and sell from her home studio.

Cows on the Hill

Self Portrait


Hacienda de las Rosas 2011
Wine Tasting Room, Old Town
2754 Calhoun Street
San Diego, Ca 92110

Global Runway for Literacy 2010
Room to Read fundraising event
Entry, "Freedom", painted tee-shirt
Awarded Audience Favorite

La Gran Tapa
873 Turquoise St.
North Pacific Beach   
San Diego, California 92109

Cow Parade La Jolla 2009
Entry, "Ribbons and Bovine"

SEDC Public Art Project 2008
Utility Box Nature Theme
Imperial Avenue and Valencia Business Pkwy

San Diego, CA 2006
Art around Adams
Lynne March DDS

San Diego, CA 2006
Davenport Studio and Gallery
in the Bernardo Winery

San Diego, CA 2006
Caffe Calabria
Ray at Night
North Park

San Diego, CA 2006
Twiggs Coffee House
The Green Room
University Heights

San Diego, CA 2005
Green Tomato Restaurant

San Diego, CA 2005
Twiggs Coffee House
El Cortez

Sydney, Australia, 2000
Art and Music by the Sea
Hosted by Edward and Sally Darmanin

Sydney, Australia, 1999
Cane Toad Gallery

San Francisco, CA 1995
Jazz Cafe

La Jolla, CA 1985 LJAA

  Chris at work
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